Meet the team

 Meet Our team at The Life Of The Party!

Warning!  The following article may contain wild inaccuracies, alternative “facts” and possibly, outright lies!

Katie Fort Collins Costumes

Meet Katie, our fearless leader aka Chief Make Work.  Katie is the daughter of the infamous villain ​​Snidely Whiplash.  People often comment on the uncanny resemblance she bears to her father. Katie was blessed with an incredible, over active imagination for a simple bean counter (Pintos and Garbanzos are among her favorites) and she knows just enough about each department to be a danger to herself and others. (Don’t worry, we have the police on speed dial!)  Which leads us to Katie’s soul mate and partner in crime…..


  Chris met Katie when he was a lowly assistant to a Junior Henchman who worked for Katie’s dad, Snidely Whiplash.  Chris worked his ways up through the ranks of the Whiplash Corporation and into Katie’s tiny, cold heart.  Sadly, he was fired the next day.

These days, Chris is the chief assistant to the Junior Janitor/Handyman at the store.  A true “Rock star” Chris hopes to be allowed to change the light bulbs at the store one day…
(Katie and Chris are both extremely talented people who took a struggling, on its last legs costume shop and made it a success!  Not satisfied with this major achievement, Chris and Katie started a second business, The Fort Collins Escape Room, a stunning success itself!)


costumse in Fort Collins Colorado

Chany is a 23 year old makeup guru and MMA Fighter.
She has an unnatural and unhealthy love and obsession with wigs, makeup and bare knuckle boxing,  Chany had her favorite dessert tattooed on her knuckles and enjoys serving them to her opponents.

Chany enjoys spending her minuscule amount of free time sewing and building overly elaborate and horribly complicated costumes for random people she meets on the street.  This helps her to maintain her normal level of insanity.

*(Chany is a talented “out of the kit” makeup artist who has worked at the store for 8 years.  She enjoys giving workshops and makeup lessons to customers.)


Jenna was a normal, happy young lady, then tragedy struck when she stumbled upon Anime and Manga.  Sadly, it has consumed her mind and she is convinced that life is a never ending series of Cosplay Conventions,  Now her life is spending thousands of hours constructing cosplay costumes from the finest spider webs and hummingbird spit (Jenna is a purist)!

Jenna has never met an anime she doesn’t like and “The Cosplay Wonder” will gladly help even the greenest noob bring even the most obscure anime character to life!

*(Jenna is an extremely talented artist and cosplayer who travels to conventions all over the US.  Her wig styling skills are second to none.  Let Jenna guide you in the care and feeding of your new wig!)
So come and meet our crazy (talented) crew at The Life Of The Party store Fort Collins!
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