Wig care

First things first, when you purchase your wig, ask your retailer if it is synthetic, heat safe synthetic, human hair or human hair blend.  Different wigs need different types of care.  Be sure you keep the care instructions included with your wig when you purchase it.  Save the packaging for storage when you are not wearing it.
One of the most important things to remember about wigs is that you should never hold your wig upside down to put them on!  Put the wig on this way and then flipping your hair back is a great way to tangle your wig.  The more you have to brush and untangle your wig, the less time it will last and look good.  The best way to put on a wig by yourself is to tuck your hair up in a wig cap, and then identify the  front and the back of your new wig.  Place one hand in the front and one in the back and gently lower the wig onto your own head,  Hold the front of the wig in place while you pull the back down.  Most wigs have “ear tabs”  and these go in front of your ears.  Adjust ear tabs to proper position and then make sure the wig is close to your hair line.  Most wigs are adjustable for a perfect fit so the wig is neither to big or small.
Brushing your wig is important for maintaining the health of your wig.  Only use a wig brush or comb.wigcombfc Do not ushairbrushmetal_bristlese brushes intended for normal hair.  Wig brushes are just wire and have no small plastic balls on the end.  This type of brush can catch in your wigs hair and pull it out or stretch it.  Large tooth combs are also good for wig care.  Place the wig on a Styrofoam head and use T Pins to hold it in place.  Starting at the bottom, gently work your way up the wig to remove tangles.  Work in sections. I use duckbill clips without teeth to section my wigs.  Comb or brush gently!  Do Not pull and tug as this may cause the  fibers to stretch and break.  If the wig is really tangled you can use a spray in synthetic wig conditioner to help remove tangles.  Most wigs that are curly will return to their curly state with a little help from your fingers.

Wigs do need to be washed. You should use a wig shampoo and conditioner to clean your wig.  Despite what some people say, you should not wash your wig in a washing machine after placing it in a pantyhose.  Most laundry soaps are too harsh and some can even melt the

fiber of your synthetic wig. Wearing a wig cap with your wig will decrease the amount of times you will have to wash the wig.

Fill a sink with luke warm water.  Add the recommended amount of wig shampoo to the sink (If wig shampoo is not available, you can use baby shampoo).  Gently swish water until bubbly. Brush wig thoroughly till no tangles remain and then place in sink.  Allow to soak  for several minutes then gently swish wig in water to distribute the shampoo evenly,.  Do not scrub at wig or rub to hard with fingers.  Rinse wig with cool, clean water and gently brush through with fingers.  Lay wig on a clean towel and roll it up.  Press on towel to remove excess water.  Place wig on foam head and allow to dry for 24 hours.

wigs for cosplay ColoradoAfter your wig is dry, use a wig brush or wig comb to remove any tangles  and restyle your wig.

You can use a leave in conditioner to restore your wigs shine and make it softer and more manageable.  If your wig is heat safe, you can use a temperature controlled curling iron to add extra curl to your wig.  Check instructions included with your wig to see maximum temperature your wig can tolerate.  Do not exceed recommended temperature!

Cutting your wig yourself is not recommended! We always recommend that you take your wig to a stylist for cutting.  Unlike your own hair, once the wig is cut, the hair will not come back.  Many people will wear the wig to their stylist so the proper length can be achieved. Fort collins wigs chemo party arda

Please do not sleep or shower in your wig!  Sleeping and showering in your wig will lead to massive tangles that may damage the wig beyond repair.  If this is a daily wear wig, store the wig at night on a wig stand, foam head or in the packaging provided.  With proper care, daily worn wigs can last three to four months.  Party or cosplay wigs that are worn infrequently can last for years with proper care.

There are as many techniques for styling wigs as there are wigs.  Even non heat safe wigs can be styled with the proper procedures.  Happily, wigs are no longer taboo and all women can have wigs to change up their style and look.  So head on down to The Life Of The Party and let one of our talented, experienced associates find just the right wig for you!
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