Arches, walls, garland, bubble strands, bouquets and more!  Balloons provide vibrant pops of color, impressive photo backdrops, and an all around jubilant atmosphere. Our innovative team works to design the perfect balloon display for any and all of your celebratory needs.
Birthdays, holidays, the big game, showers, the sky is the limit!


Need balloons?

We offer delivery to all of Northern Colorado with fast, friendly, affordable service.


We have latex and foil/mylar balloons that can be made into beautiful arrangements great for any occasion.


Latex balloons are porous due to microscopic holes therefore latex balloons don't last as long as foil balloons due to the altitude in Colorado; usually around 8 to 12 hours, Hi- float can be added to latex balloons to make them last longer, up to 5 days!


Need a particular theme, style or color? If we don't have it in stock, we can special order anything you might need. We have access to thousands of foil balloons!





It's Not A Party Without Balloons!

Balloon bouquets can be made with any number of balloons, the most popular is our 12 balloon salute. Our salutes includes : Balloons, Hi-Float, weight and delivery (within Fort Collins) and start at $44.95.

Bubble strands have a 3' helium filled balloon at the top of a strand at the height of your choice, with air filled 11", 9" and 5" balloons bubbling up the strand. Price includes a weight, hi-float and 2 colors starting at $45.

Classic garlands and arches start at $13 per linear foot and include 11" balloons in two colors.

Organic garlands and arches start at $18 per linear foot and include 3', 11", 9" and 3" balloons in up to 3 colors.

Classic walls start at $10 per square foot, organic walls start at $15, both with a minimum of 25 square feet, or a 5x5 foot wall.


Add a pops of razzle dazzle to astonish your guests with glitter balloons, balloon within balloon features and LED lit inflated balloons!


If you can dream it, we can build it! We may not be photographers, but we are balloon artistes!