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The Life Of The Party has an amazing collection of helium-filled balloons for Birthdays,
Graduation, Get Well, Mothers day and all special events.
Give them a 12 or 24 Balloon salute!

Our balloon salutes comes with

12 /24 latex balloons

Hi-Float that will make the balloons last 2 to 4 days

1 Balloon Bouquet Weight

Delivery in Fort Collins

All just $44.95 for the 12 and $65.95 for the 24 balloon salute!


Balloons can make a big impact at a very affordable price. Balloon columns, arches, demi arches and even walls can be made with any color scheme and are perfect for grand openings, weddings or any special event! Classic styles are ,well, classic, however we also offer organic styles. Organic styles incorporate multiple colors and sizes to add even more dynamic to your event.  Ordering beautiful balloon columns and arches couldn't be easier, just give The Life Of The Party a call.

Need a balloon bouquet?

We offer delivery to all of Northern Colorado with fast, friendly, affordable service.

We have latex and foil/mylar balloons that can be made into beautiful arrangements great for any occasion. Latex balloons are porous due to microscopic holes therefore latex balloons don't last as long as foil balloons due to the altitude in Colorado; usually around 8 to 12 hours, Hi- float can be added to latex balloons to make them last longer and float times vary by size. Foil balloons will float for 5 to 10 days. Beware of cheap balloons they don't last long and pop very easy, you get what you pay for even with balloons. The Life of The Party only uses quality (Qualatex) balloons, we feel they're the best you can get for your special event.


It's Not A Party Without Balloons!

Have you ever been to a party or celebration and thought, "Somethings missing...". Then it hits you, there is not a single balloon in sight.Lets face it, balloons are fun and add a special touch to most occasions! These floating, colorful symbols of happiness can brighten anyone's day. Balloons come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and forms. From Elsa to Minions, and cars to kangaroos, there is a Mylar balloon for everyone. Mylar balloons can "walk" and float alongside you. Mylars come in numbers and shapes.You can also get balloons in traditional latex that come in a rainbow of bright colors and sizes! There is a balloon for everything!

Birthday Balloon Bouquets are fun for all, from kids to seniors alike! Celebrate that special persons birthday with a balloon bouquet that will be sure to make the birthday boy or girl the center of attention. Make their special day one that they will remember forever.

Graduation is a momentous achievement, whether it is High School or College. Why not celebrate this achievement with a balloon bouquet in their school colors? At The Life Of The Party carries all of Fort Collins School colors including Front Range and CSU. Can't make it in person? We are always happy to deliver for a nominal fee!

Have a corporate function, grand opening or charity event upcoming and a limited budget? Balloon Bouquets and arches are a great low cost alternative to expensive floral centerpieces!

We have talented staff that can help you achieve the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Recently an IT company asked us to do a job to create a dramatic entrance for an event they where doing. The photo of the staircase is what we did for them on a limited budget and with a short set up time.

Balloons are just the thing to tell someone "Get Better Soon", "Congratulations on Your New Baby" or "I'm Sorry"! Wedding budget won't stretch to cover flowers? Decorate with balloons instead! Planning a Gender Reveal party for your new baby? Balloons are the perfect way to let everyone in on the secret!

The Life Of The Party has everything you need for balloon drops for parties, political functions or grand opening

From Birthdays to Graduations and Congratulations to Get Well Soon and Proms to Corporate Events The Life Of The Party is your one stop balloon shop in Northern Colorado!

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