Billy Bob Fake Teeth


The original and still the best novelty teeth on the market.  This set of dentures has broken and rotting teeth to make your clown even scarier. No messy, bad tasting glue required. 



You’ve got the costume, you’ve done the makeup, but your scary, psycho clown is missing something.   It’s missing these awesome novelty teeth from Billy Bob!  This top set of teeth is broken, spaced and rotting! Give your creepy clown a smile so frightening, people will run screaming in the other direction.  Billy Bob teeth included small plastic Thermal Beads that you soften with hot water.  Place the softened beads in the denture and press onto your own teeth.  Once the plastic hardens, remove and trim off excess. You can now take the teeth on and off with ease!  The thermal beads erase the need for mixing the messy,bad tasting glue often included with other styles of fake teeth. 

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Weight 1 oz

Psycho Clown, Classic, Bling Bling, Braces, Deliverance, Caveman, Gold Digger

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