Bitemares Souleater Teeth


Set of soft flexible costume dentures that are easy to wear.  Consist of a top and bottom denture.  Comes with Friendly Plastic for a custom fit.

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Teeth can make or break a special fx makeup job.  Don’t let your pearly whites ruin all your hard work.  These teeth were sculpted by FX Makeup Artist Chris Gallagher.  These dentures are flexible and easy to fit to your teeth with the Friendly Plastic pellets included with every set.  Simply place the Friendly Plastic beads in hot water to soften, place in dentures, and fit over your own teeth.  Once the plastic has set up you can take them in and out at will.  No messy, sticky glue to deal with!  Teeth are meticulously painted to show all the monstrous details. 

One size fits most adults and children. 

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