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Cosplayflex is something all cosplayers and prop builders will want to try.
Cosplayflex is used for costume and prop building and it can be used like modeling clay or formed to create almost anything. With it's smooth surface it's easily painted with or without primer. Cosplayflex is easy to cut with scissors and becomes very pliable when heated.  Since Cosplayflex requires less heat then other similar products it's kinder to your hands and easier to use. There are no toxic fumes so it can be used indoors. Cosplayflex will become sturdy again after it cools, but can be activated by heat and shaped again so there is no waste. 

Never apply heated Cosplayflex directly to the human body.

Cosplayflex has a longer working time than other similar products when heated.

Cosplayflex has a smooth surface and is made with a much fine saw dust.
Have you ever wondered how amazing costumes are made? You have found the secret!

Sheets are 39 1/4" x 59 1/2"

See the difference for yourself and let you creativity go wild making something truly epic for the next con!
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Cosplayflex Clear

Cosplayflex Clear is an incredible new product from the makers of Cosplayflex and should be in every cosplayers arsenal. CosplayflexClear021

Clear allows you to make face shields, icicles and horns. Due to its transparent nature it is easy to light up with LED's. Please wear disposable gloves when working with Cosplayflex clear so as to not transfer prints or marks to the plastic.

Cosplayflex clear is non toxic and easy to use indoor with no worries. Activates at around 230* F. It is clear, flexible and tear proof. Can also be tinted for a different look. The handling time is several minutes. Sticks to itself and other materials. Leftovers and scraps can be used as a modelling compound so no waste is generated. May be painted without primers. Under normal conditions, shelf life is unlimited.


Cosplayflex Pebbles melt easily with a heat gun at 140 degrees F.  Cosplayflex Pebbles turn transparent after heated and can be used like modeling clay.
When it cools down it gets its milky color back.
You can re-heat the Cosplayflex Pebbles and re-shape.

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