Cosplayflex is the cosplayers best friend.

Have you ever wanted to create amazing armor, props, and accessories for your favorite cosplays? You can!
Cosplayflex was created for costume and prop building and can be used like modeling clay or formed in any shape to create almost anything you can dream up. With it's smooth, easily painted surface, it's easy to create the exact kind of finish you need.

Cosplayflex is easy to cut with scissors and becomes very pliable when heated.  Since Cosplayflex requires less heat then other similar products it's kinder to your hands and easier to use. Additionally, there are no toxic fumes so it can be used indoors (or in hotel rooms during that last minute con-crunch). Cosplayflex will become sturdy again after it cools, but can be activated by heat and shaped again so there is no waste. 

Pro tip: never apply heated Cosplayflex directly to your bare skin. We know you're excited, but you'll thank us later.

 Need more reasons Cosplayflex is the premier solution for cosplayers?

  • Cosplayflex has a longer working time than other similar products when heated giving you more time to get things just right
  • Made of a fine wood cellulose, Cosplayflex has both a smooth and a rough side allowing you to choose the texture of your completed project
  • Zero waste. Leftover pieces or trimmings can be heated and used in a myriad of ways. We recommend using these bits for added detail!
  • Safe to use indoors. Non-toxic and no vapors mean you don't need to sequester yourself in the garage to work on your project

Cosplayflex thermoplastic material 1 Cosplayflex Thermoplastic

Cosplayflex is activated at 194°F and is sculptable for several minutes. All you need is a hot air gun, hot water, or even steam! Due to it’s lighter complexion Cosplayflex is very well suited for painting or lacquering without previous priming. Additionally, Cosplayflex comes in multiple sizes so you can go big or start small.



Cosplayflex thermoplastic material 2 Cosplayflex Clear

Cosplayflex Clear is an incredible new product from the makers of Cosplayflex and should be in every cosplayers arsenal.

Clear allows you to make face shields, icicles and horns. Due to its transparent nature it is easy to light up with LED's. Please wear disposable gloves when working with Cosplayflex clear so as to not transfer prints or marks to the plastic.

Cosplayflex clear is non toxic and easy to use indoor with no worries. Activates at around 230* F. It is clear, flexible and tear proof. Can also be tinted for a different look. The handling time is several minutes. Sticks to itself and other materials. Leftovers and scraps can be used as a modelling compound so no waste is generated. May be painted without primers. Under normal conditions, shelf life is unlimited.

Cosplayflex Pebbles

Cosplayflex Pebbles

Cosplayflex Pebbles melt easily with a heat gun at 140* F.  Cosplayflex Pebbles turn transparent after heated and can be used like modeling clay.
When it cools down it gets its milky color back.
You can re-heat the Cosplayflex Pebbles and re-shape.


Cosplyaflex Crystal

Cosplayflex Crystal Beads

Cosplayflex Crystal is a slightly transparent granulate that heats and becomes pliable at 230° F. After cooling, it is flexible. The Cosplayflex Crystal can also be heated and reshaped several times for a myriad of uses!