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Got the perfect costume but need one final piece to make it really POP? Cosmetic contacts may be the perfect solution. Cat’s eye, dragon, demon, vampire, zombie… we’ve got them all!

All of our contact lenses are manufactured in a facility that is compliant with international quality standards certifications such as ISO13485, CAMDCAS, CE, and US 510K and are authorized to be sold in USA, Canada, and Australia.

Keep in mind that ALL contacts (even non-vision correcting/cosmetic) sold in the USA require you to have a valid contact prescription in order to purchase. Before sending out your purchase we need to verify your prescription.

Luckily, this is a simple process and can be completed here!

Need to renew your contact lens prescription? No problem! You can actually renew your prescription in less than 24 hours online with our friends at Visibly.

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Weight 4 oz

Chucky, Contagion, Cotton Candy, Dracula I, Dracula II, Dragon, Evil Eyes, Godzilla, Hellraiser, Hulk, Hypnotized, Hypnotoad, Jinx, Jurassic I, Jurassic II, Jurassic III, Komodo, Lizard King, Loki, Mad Hatter, Manga, Necromancer, Nightcrawler, Pennywise, Phantom, Piranha I, Plague, Possessed, Raven, Sauron, Shatter, Sith, Solstice II, Strange, Subzero, Superhero, Underworld, Venom, Werewolf III, White Walker, X-Ray, Zombie I

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