Our Easter Bunny Costumes

Perfect for Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Events and are loved by kids.

Easter bunny costumes are available for rent to companies, organizations, church events and for home use.

We have 2 types of costumes; standard and deluxe. Both our  bunny suits come with hands, feet and full heads.

Cost is $35.00 for standard, $45.00 for the our big cheek bunnies and $55.00 for our deluxe.

We rent costumes for 24hrs at a time, need more time? We can  work with you and to meet your needs!

 Rossco Pinkco the pink bunny is a big cheek bunny $45.00 a day.

Deluxe Bunny rental From The Life Of The Party is $55.00

Standard Bunny is $35.00 to rent.

 We are Located in Fort Collins Colorado and we're a short drive from Greeley or Loveland.

Please reserve early as we have limited bunny costumes to rent.