The Life Of The Party is dedicated to bringing you the finest in professional makeup and our FX department is no different!
We carry Ben Nye, Mehron, Graftobian, Tinsley and more. Need to make a zombie bite, road rash, broken bone or open wound? Then head on down to The Life Of The Party and let our talented staff help you make all your gory dreams come true!
The most common question we are asked is how to make a 3-D wound. Most of these FX can be accomplished with the following items.

Nose And Scar Wax, Modelling Waxnoseandscar-wax

FX waxes are pliable yet firm waxes that can be shaped to form cuts, bites and other wounds. This wax comes in different softness for different fx. Nose and Scar wax by Ben Nye is a very soft wax that is best suited for parts of the body that don't flex or move much. It is best held in place with Spirit Gum adhesive and sealed with latex.

Mehron Modelling Wax and Synwax is a firmer wax that is more suited for areas like fingers, wrists and faces that have a lot of movement. Most waxes are available in a variety of skin tones.

Latex And Fixative

Liquid Latex is a naturally occurring rubber that has ammonia added to maintain its fluid state. Liquid Latex is used in many FX makeups to simulate skin or seal
wax wounds. Fixative A is a liquid makeup used to seal and protect intricate makeup designs so that makeup can be applied over top of them. Fixative A can be used to seal FX wax in place of Latex for people with allergies.

Never use either of these products on hair! Removal from hair is very painful! Please use caution when applying Liquid Latex as it can cause life threatening illness in people who are allergic or sensitive to Latex.
It is always recommended that you test Liquid Latex on someone who has never used it, before you start the makeup. Test a small amount on the inside of the elbow, allow to dry and wait 30 minutes. If you observe no rash, difficulty breathing or other ill effects, it should be safe to proceed.

Creme Makeup FX Wheels

Do you need a lot of different makeup colors at an affordable price? Then FX Color Wheels are what you have been looking for! Wheels come in collections such as Bruise, Zombie, Monster, Burns and Death. FX Wheels work great on both skin and latex. Apply with a brush or sponge to create awesome FX!

Prosthetic Transfers

The hottest new trend in Special FX makeup are water applied transfers.

These one time use prosthetic are easy to use and can make anyone feel like a makeup artist. These are some of the Best 3D Wound Effects you can find, so come check out our large selection of prosthetic transfers and FX Makeup at The Life Of The Party in Fort Collins Colorado.


Blood F/X

Have a “bloody” good time!

Here at The Life of the Party makeup department, we like having a “bloody” good time, and Ben Nye’s blood products are here to help! Ben Nye offers you many great products for your effects needs. One of the top products is Ben Nye “Stage Blood” which has a “zesty mint” flavor (peppermint). Ben Nye Stage Blood is completely safe for your mouth and has many realistic qualities. From its vivid dark red coloring to its wonderful medium flowing viscosity, Ben Nye Stage Blood has been used exclusively in many feature films. Pair our Ben Nye Stage Blood with the Ben Nye Gel Capsules for easy mouth blood FX. Just fill the gel capsule with blood, place in mouth, bite down on capsule when needed and let the blood flow! Use to fill blood squibs and squeeze bulbs for slashing and stabbing. Add to “wounds” for a more realistic appearance. This blood will drip beautifully from knives and bodies both! Available in .05 FL oz. to 32 FL oz!

Need to make easy, quick, three dimensional wounds? Ben Nye has you covered with their “Fresh Scab” gel blood product! Fresh Scab offers a realistic, brownish-red blood tint for older, drying, blood clotting FX. Fresh Scab does not dry completely, but does “scab” over for realistic wounds.

For quick “zombie” bites, apply thickly to neck, arm, leg, etc. with a makeup spatula in an irregular oval shape. Add a few drips of stage blood and allow to set up. For scratch marks, use a spatula to apply in uneven lines on back, face, arm. Available in 1 oz. to 16 oz. jars.

“Thick Blood” has a jam like texture, is moist and is great as a fresh wound filler. Thick Blood has a vivid red color; darkness depends on how thickly it is applied. Use for stab wounds, cuts and bullet holes for extra dimension. Apply Thick Blood with a stipple sponge for abrasions or road rash. Apply thinly with a makeup spatula for a “peeled skin” look. Available in .05 oz. to 16 oz. jar.

Ben Nye Mass Casualty Blood Powder

Used as an alternative to Stage Blood. Mix powder with equal parts water or corn syrup for small quantities, or mix the entire jar with 1 gallon of water for a larger supply. Great for moulage or over the top fx!
Please be aware that all Ben Nye blood products are heavily pigmented and may temporarily stain skin and permanently stain fabric. Please test before use!

We have the stuff that nightmares are made of! From the beginner to the professional makeup artist you will find something to help you create your vision at The Life Of The Party. If you are doing Zombie walks, photo shoots or a Halloween costume,

Silicone Gel

The Life Of The Party is proud to announce that we will soon be carrying silicone gel for your fx needs. Silicone modeling compound can be used to create gashes, wounds and hide flaws in the skin. This revolutionary 2 part silicone will help you take your makeup game to a higher level.
What ever your makeup needs, The Life Of The Party is your one stop FX makeup shop!

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