Liquid Latex


A multi-purpose liquid rubber that is used in special fx makeup and moulage.  See full description for warnings.



Make wounds, blisters, burns, injuries or age yourself 50 years with Liquid Latex.   Liquid Latex, or slip rubber as it is often called is a natural substance that is preserved with ammonia.  Latex has been used for years for movie and theatrical effects.  Now you can do these amazing effects on your own with liquid latex.  Use it to seal molding wax.  Apply to stretched skin for an old age wrinkle effect.  Make burns, blisters and more.  Highly useful for moulage work.  Use with a slush mold to make prosthetics. 

Caution! Do not use latex without testing first!  A small but significant number of people are allergic to latex! Symptoms include rash, swelling and difficulty breathing.  Do not apply latex to any body hair!  It is extremely painful to remove if you do!  Do not leave bottle open as this will seriously reduce the life of the product. 

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