The Life Of The Party is located right here in Fort Collins, Colorado with the largest Selection of beauty and F/X Makeup in Northern Colorado! We carry only the best from manufacturers like Ben Nye, Mehron, Moon Creations, and so many more!

Mehron Mini Pro Kits

An excellent starter set for drama and dance students of all ages!
These kits come in three different categories, Fair/Olive Fair, Medium/Olive Medium and Medium/Dark..
Each kit contains 4 foundations, 2 eye creams and 2 lip/cheek cremes!  Each kit has a brush, eyebrow pencil, colorset powder and assorted sponges and brushes.

Mehron All Pro Stick Kit

Perfect for the beginning makeup artist, drama student and professional actor. Each huge kit contains, 5 Full Size Makeup
Bases 6 Accent Shades, 1 oz.Makeup Remover Lotion, 1 oz. Latex with Applicator, 1 oz. Hair White w/ Applicator, Bruise Color ring, Spirit Gum,
Spirit Gum Remover, Crepe Hair, Non Latex Sponges, Colorset Powder, Stage Blood, 2 Stipple Sponges, 7” Black & Brown Pencil Liners, 1 oz. Modeling Putty/Wax,
Professional Powder Brush,Stageline Fine Point Brush, Stageline Brush 3/16”, Velour Powder Puff, Application Guide - Aging, Application Guide - Special FX.
If you where to buy all the makeup from the All Pro Stick Kit separately, it would cost $211.90. Buying all of this as a kit is a savings of over $141.00! What a great deal!
Come see us at The Life Of The Party to check these incredible makeup kits!

Mehron Paradise AQ

World-famous Water activated, makeup used by professional body and Face Painters, it' a water activated, semi-soft wax free cake makeup loved for its ease of application with a unique blend of ingredients like avocado oil, cocoa butter, aloe and chamomile. Thats what makes Paradise Makeup AQ gentle on your skin and it washes off easily with just soap and water. Do you have a talent for drawing and want to make extra money for yourself, school or organization by face painting? Starting with the right makeup is key. Here at The Life Of The Party we are proud to offer Mehron Paradise AQ for all your cosplay, costuming or face painting needs! Paradise AQ is one of our favorite products the store

Ben Nye Banana powder BV-2 Face

Have you been looking for a perfect silky powder for your skin tone? Ben Nye has what you need in their Luxury and Classic powder collections.

Ben Nye Luxury Powders fall into two groups.  Bella- for lighter skin tones and include Cameo, Buff, Beige Suede, Banana, Pretty Pink and Rose Petal. The other, Mojave is for darker skin tones and include Camel, Dolce, Olive Sand, Clay, Nutmeg, Ebony and Dark Cocoa. Get you luxury powders at the store or online.


Ben Nye’s Cream Theatrical Kits.

Full-sized components provide dozens of applications for beauty, aging and special effects. Select from six skin tone combinations for fair, olive, or brown complexions.

We have Ben Nye Personal Kits (PK) and Theatrical Kits (TK) in stock.

Ben Nye creme personal kits offer professional quality at affordable pricing.

Makeup Kits contain professional quality makeup that is perfect for performers and the makeup students.

Check out our full line of FX Makeup, from Zombies to Sugar skulls we've got what it takes to make your work come alive!.

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