Rockstar Wigs, Making Your Cosplay Dreams Come True!

We know that you spend hours building and planning the perfect cosplay costume!  From choosing the right patterns and fabric to getting the right makeup, cosplayers strive to get every detail right, and that includes the perfect wig.  We here at The Life Of the ParGothic Lolita Wigs® <br> Duchess Elodie™ Collection - Crimson Red -00054ty are proud to announce that we now carry Rockstar Wigs!  Rockstar Wigs is one of the top rated cosplay wigs companies in the U.S.

What makes Rockstar so special?  Rockstar Wigs includes Rockstar, Gothic Lolita, Cosplay and Dolluxe wigs.  Rockstar features a wide selection of styles, lengths and colors.  These wigs are super thick  and full and many have textured under layers to make the wig even fluffier.  All their wigs are made with Heat Resistant Fibers and the majority are safe up to 180*F/82*C, the lowest setting on most hair tools. However they will soon be changing over to a fiber that is safe up to 428*F/220*.  Maintaining and restyling of your wig has never been easier!  Most Rockstar are pre-styled and ready to use unlike some cosplay wigs which require lots of  work.   As an added bonus, for every wig Rockstar sells, they donate a wig to a person with a medical need for a wig.  Every wig purchased helps make the world a better, brighter place.

Cosplay Wigs USA® Inspired By Character <br> Harry Potter - Hermione Granger 00101

All Rockstar wigs are adjustable for the perfect fit and to help prevent slipping and sliding.  Rockstar wigs will fit most adults. Why risk all your hard work on the perfect cosplay by risking time, money and effort buying a wig online that may be of dubious quality.  Head on down to the Life Of The Party in Fort Collins and let one of our talented associates help you achieve cosplay perfection.

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