Shanked FX Transfers


The best FX appliances on the market!  Tinsley Transfers apply with water, no messy glues or adhesive needed.  Edges blend easily into your skin.  All you need is scissors, water, towel or sponge.  Don’t forget the blood (sold separately). 

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Want to look scary and gory for Halloween?  Are you the victim in a Murder Mystery?  No clue how to use all that special fx makeup at the local store? This appliance will make you like you have been stabbed.  Set includes two knife wounds.    No need to hire a professional or spend tons of money on lots of different waxes, bloods and latex.  Tinsley Transfers apply with water!  No messy glues, adhesives or latex needed!  All you need is scissors, water and a towel or sponge.  Applies just like a fake tattoo.  Add stage blood for a hyper realistic look.  3D FX transfers can make anyone a makeup artist!  Washes off with soap and water or a makeup remover.  Wonderful for people with latex allergies, no latex is used in making this item.  Transfers come in a large selection of wounds, facial features and more.  

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