Stipple Sponge Fine Pore


Special FX Makeup Sponge that has a Rough Texture and Open Weave Sponge that can be used to create multiple different skin textures and special fx. Sponge is available as a  8 piece square that can be broken into multiple pieces.

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Need to make stubble for a theatrical look? Broken blood vessels or bruising effect? Need an alien or rough skin texture? Then you need a Stipple Sponge. The Fine Pore Stipple Sponge has a smaller open weave for more delicate effects. The simple Stipple can be used for multiple different makeup looks and fx. From stubble to road rash this little sponge has you covered. Can be washed and reused. Buy multiples so cleaning time doesn’t slow you down.

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Weight 1.1 oz
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