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To complete any makeup look teeth are the finishing touch and are often overlooked. The Life Of The Party carries a large selection of teeth from Vampire fangs to Werewolf teeth,  rotten teeth or silly teeth, we have all the essential accessories!  We carry movie quality custom designer fangs that use Alpha 1 thermoplastic and create a perfect fit over your teeth.

Dracula Fangs




Streamlined for comfort with superior anchoring using Alpha 1 thermoplastic.

Best engineered fangs on the market!

Unique custom partial plate application to fit your bite perfectly!

Quality fangware for realistic performance!

Removable and reusable without adhesives!

Realistic dental enamel colored fangs

Easy talking!

No awful smelling or tasting chemicals!

Sexy Bites, the perfect teeth for a killer smile!


New Smaller Sexy Fangs

Small & Subtle

Creates a seductive look

Anchoring using the superior Alpha 1 thermoplastic.

Werewolf Fangs


 Upper and lower fangs for a howling good time.

These fang are the best you can find and we have them in stock right here in Fort Collins at The Life Of The Party!

Custom fangs will not fall out!

Come in medium and large sizes for the perfect custom fit!

FYI….Beware of the moon phases!

The full moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the moon is completely illuminated as seen from the earth. This is the time when man can become beast!

Now ask yourself, where did I put those silver bullets?

Ben Nye Blood Capsule Pack



Need to take a bloody bite or a punch in a fighting scene?  Just fill the Blood Cap gelatin capsules with Stage Blood.

Bite into capsules, and let the blood flow.

Includes 12 capsules and one .5 oz Stage Blood bottle.

Gelatin capsules and Stage Blood safe for adult consumption.

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