WONDERFLEX for cosplay!

Have you ever wondered where to buy Cosplayflex! Its right here in Fort Collins at The Life Of the Party!

What is Cosplayflex? It’s a thermoplastic composite material that can be heated and shaped! Cosplay needs to be heated to 150 to 170 degrees, most any heat gun should do. It also will bond to itself which aids in applying of detail and creating larger creations. Anime-Conjiwonderflex.jpg
Cosplayflex is used by artist, sculptors, prop makers, fashion designers, cosplayers, larpers, fx designers and professional customers.  From high schools to Broadway to Hollywood and beyond, new uses continue to grow.  Cosplayflex has been used successfully  by many different disciplines and businesses. Cosplayflex is sold in  Jumbo Sheet’s  40″x 55″. Wonderflex is about 1/16 of an inch thick and it can be bonded together to increase thickness and strength.  It’s very tough and versatile and can be drilled, bolted or stapled.  You can punch small holes in it to attach it to clothing or glue it. Cosplayflex is great for replacing such materials as Fiberglass, sculpted styrofoam, paper mache and Celastic which requires solvents to activate.  Cosplayflex is often referred to as the “Celastic Replacement” among folks in the costuming and prop trade.  Cosplayflex is easily used in conjunction with many materials.Cosplayflex is easily activated with a variety of heat sources including hot water, conventional ovens and even a microwave.  However most people prefer to use a heat gun with an adjustable temperature.  Home hair blow dryers Do Not generate enough heat to adequately activate the Cosplayflex, especially large pieces.  Once heated you have 2-3 minutes of work time before it cools and reverts to its original stiffness.  If it cools too fast, just reheat it.  Cosplayflex can be heated over and over again until the desired effect is achieved.

When heated, the Cosplayflex  activates its built in adhesive which does not readily transfer to your skin or fingers.  Some people use their bare hands to get the best dexterity, but you must be very careful not to burn yourself and you should wear tight, fitted insulated gloves when working large pieces for long periods of time.

Cosplayflex is well suited for both positive and negative molds as well as free forming.  You can use pre-made molds or make your own.

Fine detail  can be achieved using traditional sculpting tools, tongue depressors, flat screw drivers etc. to work intricate areas.  Use an ice bag or gel cold pack to speed cool the Cosplayflex and preserve the details.  You can use a soldering gun or hot glue gun without the glue stick for working in small confined areas and seams.

Never apply heated Cosplayflex directly to the human body.

Cosplayflex accepts most paints and coatings.  Acrylics, latex etc. applied by brush or spray painting.  Foam coats, sculpt coats, gessor or most any artisan coating can be applied depending on the effect you are wanting to achieve.  Cosplayflex can be covered in fabric by applying a spray adhesive  or hot glue.

Cosplayflex is a thermoplastic that softens when exposed to heat.  Do Not store your completed project in areas where heat can concentrate such as on outdoor metal storage shed or in direct sunlight.  Do not leave in the trunk of your car during summer months when heat activation levels can be reached.Young man has some dangerous hobby  Whether you need a custom mask, weapon or armor, this is the material you have been looking for to take your cosplay or costume to the next level.  So come on down to The Life Of The Party and let us help you bring your dreams to life! Get yours on line in our Ebay store.




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